Moonlight Charters was established in 2017 to provide a charter experience unlike any other. Our commitment to you is to provide a fun, enjoyable evening that will have you wanting to come back for more. We will be gigging in the Brunswick/St. Simons area. We are a licensed and insured company and safety is a top priority.

A Typical Night

First things first, we need to determine the best place to go for that night. Wind direction and tide impact water clarity which is crucial to being able to see the fish. We will go where we need to to find the clearest water. Optimal times to go are the last half of the outgoing tide on through the incoming tide. Call ahead and we can schedule a night where the best tide coincides with just after sunset, however late night trips are fine too!

We will depart from a boat landing and take a ride to the river banks to begin gigging. Upon arrival we will hook up the lights mounted alongside the boat and slowly work our way up and down the banks looking for flounder. It takes a keen and trained eye to spot flounder as they are very good at blending into their surroundings. We typically see other marine life such as redfish, sharks, stingrays, bluecrab, sheepshead, you never know what you might see. Once you see a flounder, you place the gig right over his gill plate and stick him! We typically stay out for 4 hours bouncing around from spot to spot. Fish can be cleaned for you upon request.